" /> CPCIH Pakistan – CPCIH is the platform of Remedy for the people by the people where an individual serves humanity voluntarily.

CPCIH Inauguration Ceremony

Who We Are

The prime objective of Central Committee for Interfaith harmony is to bring harmony in Multi-faiths, which is lacking today and to save and eliminate the problems the world is facing today.

What We Do

Our aim is to bring a better understanding, cooperation and unity among different sects and faiths. CPCIH also aims to create a better understanding and communication.

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CPCIH is the platform of Remedy for the people by the people where an individual serves humanity voluntarily without any difference of religion, color, cast & Sect.

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CPCIH is introducing a FORUM of REMEDY for the People By the People. We will work for the promotion of peace in the society. Our prime objective is to bring harmony in Multi Faiths 

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Volunteer Us in all peace making campaigns around the country held in several calendar dates as we published in our news. Volunteers can also register themselves for FREE.

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KARACHI CPCIH PAKISTAN Initiative for FEDERATION OF NGOs OF PAKISTAN Exclusive meeting at the residence of Mr. Mehfoozyar Khan Advocate ( Ex-MPA & Senior Social activist/ political leader) was held to initiate the FEDERATION OF NGOs OF PAKISTAN. Central Chairman CPCIH Pakistan Mr. Haaz Mushtaq Ashraf Murtazavi attended the meeting accompanied with: Mrs. Farzana Burney […]

CPCIH is working under unique ideology of providing remedy to aggrieved persons without taking any help from others therefore every member of CPCIH is a soldier which would be an example for the whole world in the future. We are devoted to our nation and working voluntarily just to serve humanity & mankind therefore we don’t believe in return. We have an aim to work for a healthy, happy, independent & peaceful Pakistan where anybody could live freely without any fear with safety and protection of health, wealth, assets & life.” 

― Muhammad Mushtaq Ashraf Murtazavi
Central Chairman CPCIH Pakistan