" /> Manifesto of CPCIH – CPCIH Pakistan
  • CPCIH is introducing A FORUM OF REMEDY FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE and would work for the promotion of peace in the society.
  • Prime objective of CPCIH would be to bring Interfaith Harmony in multi-faiths.
  • CPCIH would train youth that would play an important role to strengthen the country.
  • CPCIH would be helpful to the people for their legal rights and justice.
  • CPCIH would ensure the facility of free medication and treatment to poor and needy patients.
  • CPCIH would arrange education and accommodation for orphans and needy children and intelligent children would be
    awarded to the appreciation through awards of excellence.
  • CPCIH would play an important role to design educational, cultural and medical departments according to the modern age in
    rural areas.
  • CPCIH would provide wheelchairs to disabled persons and peace sticks to blind peoples.
  • CPCIH would arrange clustery marriages of poor girls.
  • CPCIH would arrange saving machines for women of poor families.
  • CPCIH would establish training centers in every district for the education of sewing, stich work, embroidery and computer to
  • CPCIH would cooperate with government sector and shall help people in case of accidents earth quakes in natural disasters.
  • CPCIH would look after the state of prisoner and would provide legal help to bail out the deliberating prisoners.
  • CPCIH would cooperate in removing of illegal cases on poor and deliberating people.
  • CPCIH would play an important role against the unjust behavior in police stations.
  • The incumbents & members of CPCIH would be appointed for a period of a year.
  • The Central Chairman of CPCIH would only be empowered for the appointments of incumbents & members in CPCIH and
    he/she would have only the powers of dismissal of appointments.