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Members of CPCIH would perform their duties on purely voluntary basis and they would be nominated/settled/adjusted in the different wings of CPCIH according to their domains/proficiencies in the society.
Basically it’s a forum of REMEDY FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE therefore when an aggrieved person(s) approached the CPCIH for any assistance/consultancy then the matter would be forwarded to the concerned wing of CPCIH which would be comprises of the experts of such domain.
Details of wings of CPCIH is appended below:

Socially influential persons (of any domain) would be noticed in Human Right Wing whom would render their services voluntary for the fundamental rights of aggrieved human being in society.

Members of International affairs wing would be affiliated to the domain of International affairs so then they would be able to render their services voluntarily to the aggrieved persons whom seeking guidance in respect of international affairs.

Intellectuals are always considered as think tank of a nation therefore CPCIH offered them to play their role voluntary in the development of society.

Educationists of any level are offered to play their role voluntarily in the development of society being designators of Education Wing of CPCIH specially for promotion of education in less privileged areas as well as for the welfare of special children in society.

Judiciary is one of the main pillers of a state therefore lawyers are offered to contribute and to play thier role for providing prompt justice at the doorstep of poor people.

Founder of the State Honourable Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah has clearly stated in his addresses that minorities would have equal rights in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan therefore CPCIH provides them an opportunity to serve humanity
and to play their leading role in the development of society. Being member of Minorities Wing of CPCIH they would be able to serve their communities with extreme of their proficiencies & devotion.

Religious Scholars/Saints of all orders are invited in CPCIH to play their essential role for the interpretation of religious ideology & development of religious education in the society especially for youth to make them fully aware of their role in Islamic society being a good muslim of a moral character.

CPCIH specially focusing over the issues of health in society especially for deserving peoples. Doctors & Para Medical Staffs of hospitals are invited to play their role in the society being member of Medical Wing of CPCIH moreover, officers of different health domains could also become the member of medical wing & they could render their services to resolve the issues/problems of doctors & para medical staffs in their concerned departments.

Journalists, professionals of print media, electronic media, writers & publishers are invited to join CPICH to play tier role in the development of a healthy society.

The role of women in society has been greatly overseen in the last few decades but now are coming to a more perspective to people. CPCIH offered women to play their role equally & independently.

Bankers, members of chamber & commerce, financial consultants etc are invited to join corporate wing of CPCIH to play their role in the development of society.

Industrialists, merchants, general traders, wholesalers & retailers are offered to join CPCIH and they could become members of our traders wing to play their constructive role.

Young people are often considered to represent the future as they bring new ideas and energy to add to the pool of knowledge that currently exists. They can bring enthusiasm and vitality which can lead to new discoveries and developments that can benet society so they can play their essential constructive role being member of youth wing in CPCIH.

Landlord, farmers & professionals of pesticides domains are offered to join CPCIH to play their role especially to aware farmers of new technologies and developments in agricultural elds that would be helpful to enhance productions of crops & fertilization.

Development of national culture is one of the objectives of CPCIH for that poets, writers, actors, singer & officials/professionals of electronic media are offered to play their role being member of Cultural wing in CPCIH.

Complaint cell of CPCIH has been developed and design to highlight the current issues of individual within the society moreover members of complaint cell would manage to highlight corruption & unjustice whenever & wherever it would be reported. Retired & serving personales of law enforcement departments can render their services voluntarily to serve humanity become members of Complaint Cell of CPCIH.

Transporters, owners / professionals of logistic & cargo companies can render their services voluntarily to play their role for the development of society being member of transport wing of CPCIH.

Professional of any domain could member of General wing in CPCIH. General wing is like a bunch of roses, collected from the different greenelds of society.

CPCIH believes in equitable development through social and economic well-being of labour therefore CPCIH has developed a labour wing where representatives of labour unions & personals of labour department as well as labours of different trade could become members of labour wing to play their role voluntarily.

Members of I.T Wing of CPCIH are tasked to perform a variety of responsibilities and installation of applications. In addition, they are also be responsible to build databases and perform management of data, engineering the hardware of the computer and networking, as well as administration and management of theĀ  entire system. These capabilities make IT personnels valuable assets to the CPCIH.

Sports activities and other recreational activities could bring a positive change in society and it will also be helpful in eliminating anti social activities from society therefore CPCIH has aim to engage youth in sports activities by organizing sports activities which would be helpful to protect our youth from anti social activities that later on become cause of destruction of society as well as country.