" /> Code Of Ethics For Members Of CPCIH – CPCIH Pakistan
(Under subsections a to k of section 8 of constitution of CPCIH)

1. Member shall not violate the code of ethics
2. Member shall conduct as law abiding citizen of the State.
3. Every member shall obey the rules and regulations of the organization.
4. Member shall be the respectful to his/her superiors & kind to his/her subordinates.
5. Member shall not indulge in any unethical, unlawful, criminal & anti state activity.
6. Member shall not raise any issue on the basis of language, cast, sect and shall not develop negative thinking against superiors / colleagues.
7. Members shall maintain the atmosphere of brotherhood, humanity, unity, love and peace.
8. Member shall not have any mental / physical attachment to any group /party /organization that believes in terrorism, sectism & extremism in any manner under any thought.
9. Member shall not pass any hate speech & shall avoid of unnecessary criticism.
10. Member shall work devotedly with zeal for the welfare of Para medical staff without expectation of any reward.
11. Member shall not believe in revenge & shall not conduct in this regards even with competitors.