" /> Aims & Objective – CPCIH Pakistan
(Under Sub Section 1 to 10 of article 1 of constitution of CPCIH)
  • To create Interfaith Harmony, Peace, Humanity and Tolerance without any difference among the followers of different faiths, sects, traditions and territories.
  • To work for the promotion of formal & informal education.
  • To work for the empowerment of women in the society.
  • To protect the rights of the children by reducing or eradicating the violations of Child Rights and by creating a society free of Child Labor.
  • To develop hatred against terrorism & extremism.
  • To illuminate the patriotism & devotion in society.
  • To ensure participation of youth in National construction & to keep away youth from anti-social & destructive activities.
  • To develop an understanding of the importance of sports in the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle at the educational institutions and beyond.
  • To prepare each student to be able to participate fully in the competitive, recreational and leisure opportunities offered outside/inside the institutional environment.
  • To organize vocational training & coaching course program for youth.